Making Baby Boot Booties with Bow and Buttons


Himalaya Everyday Super Lux hand knitting yarns;
Purple (73414) color rope
Cream (73402) color rope
2.5 mm crochet hook
Bear button
Wool needle

Русские вязаные термины

ch: chain (в.п)

mr = Magic ring (КА)

sc: single crochet (c6h)

inc = increase (пр)

dec = decrease (уб)

(sl – st =    connecting post : (cc )

HDC= half doubl : (nhc)

DC = double crochet ( CCH)

Loop :lifting loop   ( п.п.)


R: Row

RND : round

ch: chain

mr = Magic ring

sc: single crochet

inc = increase

dec = decrease

BLO: Back loop only

FLO: Front loop only

( )* 6 = repeat whatever is between the brackets the number of times stated

st, sts : stitch, stitches


The base is started with purple rope.

1) 25 chains are drawn.

2) From the first chain, 12 needles and 11 double handrails are made.

3) 7 double handrails are made for the last zinc.

4) The row is completed by rotating and 2 frequent needling is completed with loop closing.

5) A whole row of handrails is made in pairs with needles and handrails at the ends of the next row.

6) In the last five, the double handrails at the ends are lined up as 1 single and 1 double, and the row is completed as a handrail.

7) From the back of the handrails, pass to the upper part and the row is completed by making a handrail.

8) Make another row of handrails from purple thread and pass to cream colored rope.

9) The line is completed with a handrail from the cream colored rope.

10) The heel part of the pawl is knitted normally. From the end, it is reduced to 18 handrails by knitting by cutting 36 handrails in pairs, equally on both sides.

11) The next message is a frequent needle on all handrails.

12) The previous message cutting is repeated and 18 handrails are knitted in half and cut in half.

13) After cutting, needle is made again in a row.

14) During the last cut, all the handrails falling into 9 handrails are knitted together and a single handrail is made and the others are knitted normally.

15) Leaving 8 handrails from the end, 8 rows of handrails are knitted on the edges of the shoes.

16) The part that will remain inside at the end of the batten is knitted with purple thread. Starting on 7 handrails, two messages are completed by knitting 8 rows by increasing 1 handrail from the right and left.

17) A teddy bear button is sewn on the cream part of the pawl and enough chain is drawn from the purple thread. The patient is stitched up and pushed to the button.

18) A bow made of lilac color ribbon is made and sewn on it.

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