• 2 pieces of Loren Basic Cream (697) color hand knitting yarn
  • 6 pieces of Loren Basic Pink (873) color hand knitting yarn

5 mm crochet hook


It starts with cream color thread.

1) 200 chains are drawn and 1 row of double handrails is made on the chain.

2) 5 rows of crochet rubber knitting are made.

Pink color is passed on the rope.

3) 1 row of double handrails is made.

4) 1 row of popcorn knitting is made. 5 frequent needles are made between popcorn.

Steps 3 and 4 are repeated until there are 10 rows of popcorn.

5) Front and back are knitted separately. For this, first, it is knitted until there are 5 popcorn rows by going back and forth as a front 50 loops. Then 5 rows are knitted as 100 loops in the back. Finally, 5 rows are knitted as the other front 50 loops.

It is stitched together from the shoulders.

6) Knit in 9 rows of popcorn by tying a rope to the arm hollows.

Cream colored rope is used.

7) 5 rows of crochet rubber are made to the ends of the arm.

8) Finally, 5 rows of rubber knitting are made on the collar with cream colored rope.

And it finished.

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